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Snow in July Designs in the news, WNC Magazine
WNC Magazine September 2015

WNC Magazine September 2015

I am pleased to announce Snow in July Designs is featured in the latest issue of WNC Magazine! (I was even a model in a photo or two!)

A quick overview:

Concept by the phenomenal Elizabeth Hempfling, all photography by the awe-inspiring Revival Photography.

Earlier this year, I was approached to work on a very special project that would showcase not only a town, but an entire community and culture. I was beyond honored to be included, and although my part was a small one, the impact of the project was immense on my heart and soul. A dear friend and colleague Elizabeth Hempfling set-out to put the beautiful town of Spruce Pine back on the map. Over the years, she has fallen in love with the town and wanted to share her love story. I was asked to recreate paper props to accent the photoshoots, highlighting the areas rich and exciting past, present and future.

Below you can see the ideas and paper props that unfolded with each time period and location:

1900’s – The railroad system begins to grow the town of Spruce Pine.

1900's - The railroad system begins to grow the town of Spruce Pine.

^Snow in July Designs recreated Spruce Pine train schedule and photos.

1920’s – The mining industry begins to boom with the discovery of abundant amounts of feldspar, mica and quartz.

^Snow in July Designs recreated a love letter to a beloved and dearly missed miner.

^Snow in July Designs recreated mineral markers.

1940’s – The Carolina Theater downtown Spruce Pine brings huge talent to town including Patsy Cline.

^Snow in July Designs recreated Patsy Cline general admission ticket.

1950’s – Local businesses are thriving like the popular City Drive-In.

^Snow in July Designs recreated diner menu with a 50’s flare.

Modern Day – A tea party at 3,699′ Smithmore Castle

^Snow in July Designs created a tea party invitation suite. View entire gallery under my portfolio »

Modern Day – A dinner party at Knife and Fork.

^Snow in July Designs created place settings with an apple wrapped with parchment paper adorned with twine and leaf name tags.


For more information please visit the article published on WNC Magazine and Revival Photography.

There are so so many folks that made this 4-day shoot happen! I am lucky to associate with the talent of:

Support Spruce Pine and all it has to offer:

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